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About LeanStats

LeanStats is a privacy first analytics platform built from the ground up to keep private visitor information safe, while providing valuable business performance metrics like page views & custom events.

Privacy First

User privacy is paramount. No personal visitor data is collected. The privacy of your visitors is safe.


No cookies or personal information is collected ensuring compliance with GDPR, CCPA, and PECR


With a much smaller footprint than Google Analytics, our script load times will be much faster


Developer experience is important to us.


We strictly only deal with vendors that provide top notch security infrastructure.


Our infrastructure is built for scale. LARGE & small sites are welcome.


Easy to Get Started.

  • 01
    Register your site

    Add your website's domain to the LeanStats admin UI.

  • 02
    Add snippet

    Follow the instructions to setup and add the javascript snippet to your site.

  • 03
    Collect GDPR friendly stats

    Once the script is loaded into your site, LeanStats will automatically track pageviews, custom events & site performance metrics

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We are working hard with a private alpha group.
Beta access coming soon!